A 2012 15 Inch MacBook Pro A1398 from Yapton Given a New Lease of Life

The We collected this MacBook from Yapton.

The screen was randomly going black during use followed by the fans running full pelt.

MacBook Pro A1398 Repair Sussex

This issue is not caused by the graphics chip which is often wrongly diagnosed by other shops. It's actually the power chip which provides power to the graphics chip failing. Apples lead free solder joints were never great and the connections eventually fail. We remove as much of the lead free solder as possible and manually re solder each pin on the chip with fresh leaded solder which is much more durable.

U8900 Repair MacBook

MacBook Pro A1398 Logic Board Repair

 The hinges were loose and so we removed the screen and tightened and lubricated the 2 x hinges. 

Hinge Repair

While the logic board was removed we removed all dust from the rents, stripped and cleaned out the 2x Fans and heatsink. Fresh thermal paste was applied to the CPU and GPU.

Fan Service

Once rebuilt we tested the graphics chip with a powerful 3D benchmark making sure that our power chip repair was successful.

MacBook Pro Graphics Chip Repair

The MacBook was also turning off at 40% battery as the health was poor after 10 years of use. The battery cells are sealed into the top case on the Retina models and so we had to release the seal with an agent and then remove and dispose of the old battery. All residue from the old battery seals are removed and a brand new battery was sealed into the top case.

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Worthing

 The MacBook was fully tested and then dropped back to the customer in Yapton for no extra charge.

MacBook Pro Repaired in Goring

Newer is not always better with MacBooks. For example the 2015 models are far better made and more reliable than the 2016 and 2017 models.

If you have an older MacBook which needs speeding up or repairing please get in touch.