About Refined Logic Limited

We have a great passion for repairing things.
Starting out on a busy high street shop in 2010 we repaired all makes and models of laptops and eventually learnt the skills to start specialising in the more advanced areas of computer repair. 10 years later we have now moved away from retail into this more specialist field helping customers and also helping other computer shops and businesses with the complicated repairs that would often get turned away.
Excelling at Micro-Soldering has allowed us to repair computers at component level, great for the environment and great for your pocket!

I started out working for a small computer shop aged 16. No one there knew how to fix laptops and they all ended up being thrown away. I collected 5 to 6 of these broken white Compaq LTE laptops from the skip, took them home and learnt to fix them in my spare time. I managed to get 3 or 4 working which I ended up selling cheap to friends. I managed to find parts to fix the others from Yahoo Auctions - long before eBay. It spiralled from there, I learnt the ins and outs of Compaq LTE laptop like the back of my hand and eventually had regular companies supplying me with them. While at University studying Computing I carried on with my sideline and regularly ran a store at a computer fair in Birmingham and sold them online. I built up a great reputation and was selling to many computer shops around Birmingham. During the recession in 2010 I setup a shop on a busy high street in Derby (which is still running) moving into repairing customers own laptops. Having trained 3 apprentices and passing on my specialist skills it gave me time to become a specialist in component level repair, fixing the actual circuit boards. I have been soldering in my spare time since I was 12 years old and have a good electrical engineering knowledge and so this field was the perfect progression.